YOU may have found that you just don't have the tools to create these changes in your life!

Then YOU need to know the Secrets to the Inner Game of Success!

It's not enough to know the rules of the Game you need a Coach who can partner with you to create not just a team but a WINNING team.

If You loved the movie The Secret--You'll love this seminar and one of the many programs that follow it up.

Learn about:

Mary Graham is a Certified Trainer and coach, specializing in the Accelerated Success System.  This system is expertly designed, using specific, accelerated learning techniques that will enable you to get what you need and put it to work in your life immediately.

Get a handle on those areas of your life that feel out of control or stagnant.  Harness the power of your wise Inner Wizard.  Manifest solid, tangible results.  Become the successful person you have always dreamed of being.
Secrets to Winning the 'Inner Game' of Success
"These techniques literally saved my life!  I survived a horrific motorcycle accident and the doctors thought I would never walk again.  Using the success techniques I was taught, I overcame all the odds and walked out of the hospital 2 months later on my own!!"
--Jaci Kennison
Every seminar offered has been SOLD OUT!!  Act now to reserve your seat for this high energy, high impact program.  Create success using a system that is holistic in its approach and powerful in its outcome.  It is designed to keep you on track moving consistently in the direction want to take your life. 

It doesn't matter what area of your life you want to enhance--money, relationships, job/career, health and wellness or spirituality.

"I truly believe this is one of the most dynamic programs I have ever offered.  If you liked The Secret then I know you'll love this seminar."

"Mary's seminars are fun and invigorating.  Her powerful, yet down to earth approach, reaches everyone.  I can now set any goal and expect to achieve it--thanks to the 'Inner Game of Success' she has reprogrammed me!"
--Nola Price
"Mary has a warm and comfortable style that put me at ease with the valuable and sometimes challenging information she shares.  I'll definately be back"
--Jimy Murphy
Secrets to Winning the Inner Game of Success
Regular 'SWIGS' of this potent elixir will get, and better yet, KEEP you on the path to SUCCESS!

A Few of the Secrets to the Inner Game of Success:

The Accelerated Success System
The Accelerated Success System is a simple step-by-step blueprint you can use for the rest of your life to create high-speed success in any area of your life!  Proven tips and techniques for tangible results in half the time!
Discover the 'true' you and make your word an UNBREAKABLE LAW!
If you don't follow through  commitments you make to yourself or others, your word really doesn't mean anything.  Even worse, when you don't trust yourself the Universe doesn't trust you either.  Learn how to make your word LAW.

Harness the power of your INNER WIZARD
The word wizard share its roots with the word wise.  Tap into the power of your INNER WIZARD, your true self, and transform your life.
"Winning the Inner Game of Success program is the high point of my week.  After only one month my life is heading in a new direction"
--Bob Beck
Success has everything to do with how you think and believe.  Understand how to use this LAW and change your life forever!

Mary Graham
Certified Trainer
"I love to see the changes that occur in people's lives when they get involved with this program.  It's my personal mission to help people create the kind of life they WANT to live. 

I personally believe that changing aspects of your life should be easy!  Who has time to take an entire life to 'work' things out or be unhappy?  So I work with simple and easy techniques to accelerate your path to success.

I learned these 'Secrets' on my own journey to a richly satisfying life.  Now you can learn the secrets too!"
Developed by Creative Living Institute, this Guided Meditation CD contains three meditations with under tones of subtle music:
Guided Meditation CD

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